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Fiber Arts Friday: Angora to Cotton

A whole lot of Fridays have passed since my last FAF post, and I have knitted through many of them, but summer will do that to you.

Running the fiber gamut this week, including a strange mixing of Wool Ease (a color my daughter loved, wool and acrylic) and Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit (a warm angora/nylon/wool) to make a fantastic top-down Trapper Hat. My daughter will be exploring Icelandic climes this fall and needed a protective shield while she is so far from home  a hat.

Peter Rabbit is unbelievably soft and makes a nice contrast to the Wool Ease.

Stephen West’s Spectra scarf has been frogged and recast, using the same lovely cotton from Wolles. I set this aside some time ago because didn’t like the way it was turning out; after glaring at it for a while I changed to a much smaller needle and we are speaking again. It’s a nice pattern to work, and the slow change in the yarn color adds excitement. Yes, excitement.

See there, how one strand of brown changed to tan?

Here’s to fall’s approach, although it’s pretty warm & humid today. Maybe next Friday.

Fiber Arts Friday: Sock Mojo, Mom, and the Ravelry Bag

Let’s jump right in with a fail.

Nice job on the matching stripes, though.

These purple socks, while a lovely colorway in the very sturdy, yet soft, Indulgence yarn, are just bad. I don’t love making socks, but I have made dozens of them – beautiful dozens – over the years for myself and my handmade-sock-loving-family. It has been a few years since I made any, but when I saw this yarn I bought a few skeins and made a Sock Plan.

I plunged into the purple and discovered, immediately, that I had lost my sock mojo. How long do I usually make the cuff? Which rib? How high is the leg? Didn’t I used to stop the pattern an inch above the heel? What was that heel I like? What’s the trick for preventing a hole on the gusset? It went like that. They are done, and wearable, but…you know.

On to the second pair, and now that my brain has rebooted in sock mode, it’s good. Great wintry colors, a better gauge, and I’m fitting them to the wearer’s foot, which is always nice. 

These colors are a snowy day, yes?

In other fiber news, my mom, a crocheter, has been making dozens of hats for a children’s hospital, and these beautiful blankets for  Project Linus. It’s my job to wash and deliver them to a local collection point. So pretty.

Bragging on my mom.

I’ve been carrying the socks around in this Tom’s bag,

“one for one”

and look what was delivered yesterday:

I voted for this design!

Yep! The new project bag from Ravelry, the result of the design contest. And how about this sticker on the package?

I’ll be peeling this sticker off to use somewhere else. My love of stickers has continued since the gold stars of my childhood!

Finally I made this Kindle Cover for my etsy shop, and I love it.Enjoy the rest of your Fiber Arts Friday wandering over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder!


Baby Surplice Jacket

Nothing like an impending baby, summery colored yarn, and a new knitting book. 

  • The baby: We haven’t met her yet, but we know she’s a girl.
  • The yarn: Wool in the Woods Dunluce, cotton/rayon blend
  • The book: Knit One Knit All,  a book of garter stitch designs by Elizabeth Zimmerman, published last year.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoyed browsing my personal library of patterns on Ravelry? How lovely it is to sort the patterns, flip through them, check out project examples, research yarn ideas, then walk into the next room and pull the book off the shelf? 

The Baby Surplice Jacket is classic EZ – one piece, minimal seaming, cute as a button. I wanted to make something not-pink, so I chose this beautiful yarn (it was in my stash) that reminded me of the beach on a sunny day.  I used an icord trim on the wrap edges, crocheted an edge trim at the hemline, and added a removable flower. Full disclosure: My mother made the flower. Beyond an edging and picking up stitches, I’m useless with a crochet hook.

Mom-to-be loved it.

Fiber Arts Friday the 13th!

Ah, a Fiber Arts Friday with stuff to share!

First up, Dillon’s Longies, which I think of as Dillongies. I made these for a neighbor who lives in these comfy wool pants, longies for winter and soakers for summer, over his cloth diapers. I was shocked to find that they took a little more than two skeins of Cascade 220, and rather longer to knit than I expected. Worth every penny of the many pennies his mother pays for them! 
I swatched this Valley Yarns cotton/microfiber from my stash for a possible cardigan, but it’s not going to work. I will store the swatches with the yarn for next time, with a note that I washed the swatches and they didn’t budge. 
Every now and then I make a square of sock yarn for this eventual throw. Yes, it’s going to take forever, but it’s not only a good use of odds and ends of yarn, it gives me something to buy when I visit a yarn shop and don’t see anything else! You know how it is, you want to be supportive of the friendly shop owner but there isn’t one thing calling you? I can always find a pretty sock yarn, and I can tell my husband it’s a vacation souvenir and not a yarn purchase. 
It’s been such a long time since I worked on this (it usually lives in the car for emergencies) that I had to search for the original pattern online to figure out how I did the increases and decreases. Right, forever until it’s done. 
Summer is a good time for sock knitting, and I’m getting a few things ready. I bought these two gorgeous sock yarns at The Knitter’s Edge in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I love that shop and wish it was closer. I will be dividing these into two toe-up balls with matching starting points, because that’s just how it has to be. This yarn is super soft.
My daughter-in-law brought this gorgeous skein back from Trieste, Italy. I’ll be casting on a pair of socks for myself this summer, too.
I added two new patterns to my library this week:
Clara, Lori Versaci
Yoked Cardigan, Hannah Fettig, from baby to adult sizes.
Finally, I knitted and donated a dog sweater for Pottstown’s Bark for Life, I sewed a few Kindle covers for my etsy shop, and got a signed copy Wool in the mail yesterday. Check this post for a review of Wool! 

I’m off to explore other Fiber Arts Friday blogs!

Fiber Arts Friday: Diaper Man

I’ve made friends with my super-cute 18 month old neighbor, who lives in his comfy cloth diapers and knitted wool soakers. The long pants version of soakers are known, appropriately, as “longies”. Last week I offered to darn the knees of a pair after I noticed the thinning (one knee popped a hole the moment after I spoke!) and was intrigued by the gusset. Of course I am making a pair.

I based the measurement on an existing pair that fit him well and made a foldover waist that will have an inside drawstring. Next time (notice that, next time?) I’d like a ribbed waist with a threaded draw.

Half of the diamond-shaped gusset.

One skein of Cascade 220 was used from the waist to about two inches below the crotch, if that helps in your own planning. I have yet to adjust the join, so you might be able to pick it out on the leg. This is one of those perfect projects for movie-watching and knitting group, requiring nothing more from me than moving fingers!

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