Charlottesville Rambling

I spent a few days last week visiting my oldest son and his wife in Charlottesville, Virginia. I had a wonderful time…

  1. I really like my son.
  2. I really like my daughter-in-law.
  3. She knits.
  4. Really.
  5. He doesn’t mind walking long distances.
  6. He walks really fast and I’m shorter than he is.
  7. A lot shorter.
  8. They read.
  9. Charlottesville is a nice place to live.
  10. They have a cute dog.
  11. Our dogs get along. 
  12. Mostly.
  13. She invited me to her knitting group.
  14. Her knitting friends are lively and lovely.
  15. Thomas Jefferson knew how to pick a building site.
  16. He walked all over town with me on a self-guided walking tour.
  17. My son, not Thomas Jefferson.
  18. Thomas Jefferson is dead now.
  19. The Spice Diva is a nice woman.
  20. I sleep on their couch when I visit alone.
  21. It used to be my couch.
  22. Feast is an awesome place to eat and shop.
  23. I still get a little weepy when I leave. 
  24. Privately, in the car.
  25. On my day of being a tourist, I logged THIS MANY steps on my Fitbit:
  26. It was great.

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  1. I really like you too! We're glad you came!

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