Evernote and…beans

I had a brainstorm while stocking up on beans at the Whole Foods bulk section last week. The identifying signs have information I might need, like the fact that one needs a longer soak time, is particularly suited to a dish, is known by alternative names, or has a provenance I want to remember. I’ve scribbled notes on the tags or scraps of  paper, but this time I thought to snap a quick picture of the identifying boards with my phone.

That’s not so brilliant, but uploading them to my “Cooking” notebook in Evernote was.  Now they are there, tagged, and searchable. As with all my clipped recipes and notes, I can access them from my laptop, phone, or ipad, wherever I, and the beans, happen to be. This is serious. I travel, and I cook.


My (mainly vegetarian) kitchen goes through a lot of beans, and I love experimenting with varieties and uses. I can expand the note to indicate which were successful and which should be bought again. 

I love Evernote.


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