Fiber Arts Friday: Angora to Cotton

A whole lot of Fridays have passed since my last FAF post, and I have knitted through many of them, but summer will do that to you.

Running the fiber gamut this week, including a strange mixing of Wool Ease (a color my daughter loved, wool and acrylic) and Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit (a warm angora/nylon/wool) to make a fantastic top-down Trapper Hat. My daughter will be exploring Icelandic climes this fall and needed a protective shield while she is so far from home  a hat.

Peter Rabbit is unbelievably soft and makes a nice contrast to the Wool Ease.

Stephen West’s Spectra scarf has been frogged and recast, using the same lovely cotton from Wolles. I set this aside some time ago because didn’t like the way it was turning out; after glaring at it for a while I changed to a much smaller needle and we are speaking again. It’s a nice pattern to work, and the slow change in the yarn color adds excitement. Yes, excitement.

See there, how one strand of brown changed to tan?

Here’s to fall’s approach, although it’s pretty warm & humid today. Maybe next Friday.

5 Responses to Fiber Arts Friday: Angora to Cotton

  1. That Trapper hat pattern looks great. I think I may need to knit that one. I’m glad you’re getting along with Spectra again. The yarn you picked is beautiful for the project.

  2. Gorgeous yarn! The colors are so warm. I have my eye on what appears to be one beautiful stitch marker in your first photo!


    • Thank you, and you have excellent taste in stitch markers! Years ago when I first learned to knit I discovered the wonderful world of accessories and fell in love (read: spent way too much for) that pair of stitch markers. I keep such careful track of them!

  3. I was going to throw a little tantrum because I totally did not see this in your ravelry projects, but you manually linked the patterns here, so … I guess that’s okay. The Spectra is going to be totally awesome and I am way, way interested in this trapper hat. Way.

  4. Soph: I don’t know what happened because I thought I did put Spectra in, especially to record my needle size with that yarn, but I realized the same thing when I referred a friend to my project page for the pattern.

    And you are going to LOVE this hat!

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