Fiber Arts Friday: Sock Mojo, Mom, and the Ravelry Bag

Let’s jump right in with a fail.

Nice job on the matching stripes, though.

These purple socks, while a lovely colorway in the very sturdy, yet soft, Indulgence yarn, are just bad. I don’t love making socks, but I have made dozens of them – beautiful dozens – over the years for myself and my handmade-sock-loving-family. It has been a few years since I made any, but when I saw this yarn I bought a few skeins and made a Sock Plan.

I plunged into the purple and discovered, immediately, that I had lost my sock mojo. How long do I usually make the cuff? Which rib? How high is the leg? Didn’t I used to stop the pattern an inch above the heel? What was that heel I like? What’s the trick for preventing a hole on the gusset? It went like that. They are done, and wearable, but…you know.

On to the second pair, and now that my brain has rebooted in sock mode, it’s good. Great wintry colors, a better gauge, and I’m fitting them to the wearer’s foot, which is always nice. 

These colors are a snowy day, yes?

In other fiber news, my mom, a crocheter, has been making dozens of hats for a children’s hospital, and these beautiful blankets for  Project Linus. It’s my job to wash and deliver them to a local collection point. So pretty.

Bragging on my mom.

I’ve been carrying the socks around in this Tom’s bag,

“one for one”

and look what was delivered yesterday:

I voted for this design!

Yep! The new project bag from Ravelry, the result of the design contest. And how about this sticker on the package?

I’ll be peeling this sticker off to use somewhere else. My love of stickers has continued since the gold stars of my childhood!

Finally I made this Kindle Cover for my etsy shop, and I love it.Enjoy the rest of your Fiber Arts Friday wandering over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder!


16 Responses to Fiber Arts Friday: Sock Mojo, Mom, and the Ravelry Bag

  1. Your socks are pretty awesome! As are those blankets!!

  2. Love that Ravelry bag – got to get one of those! Your socks are great and look nice and comfy and warm – I’m sure they will be much appreciated.

  3. That fail looks fine! And jeez are your stitches ever uniform. Nice work.

    I can’t help but point out that if you had ravelry-project-ified your past socks, you would have all those notes somewhere that survives misplacement and harddrive failure. Ahem. 😉 Though, if you make your notes now, you will save yourself this trouble the next time…

  4. LOL point taken, Sophia! Or perhaps if I didn’t let years pass between sock moods.

  5. I also think they look lovely.
    But maybe I’m biased since they are the same color as mine! 😀

    • You know, Ann, I just found that blog today when I wanted to link the yarn. I am going to spend some time tonight checking it out, it looked nice!

  6. That too. But I understand, I am in a sock mood right now, but a lot of time passes between such moods. I am only knitting them because I’m trying to kill my stash, to be honest, and socks are such a good killer of fingering yarn.

    I am almost done a pair of knee highs. I have only been as excited to reach the heel of a sock once before in my life (also knee highs).

  7. Now I get your comment from earlier!

    Your first pair of socks look great.
    Are they not the right size?

    I’m glad you found your rhythm with the second pair.

    • I knew you’d see that sooner or later! Seriously, I ripped out the first gusset at least 4 times. I forgot about picking up a certain way, where to add an extra stitch and when to then knit two of them together. I couldn’t remember what size needles I used to use, could only find notes on one son’s foot…I’m telling you, I will never walk away from socks again.

      In the end, the recipient loved them, but they have flaws. A ladder on the inside of one foot, and a gusset hole. Bleh.

  8. The second pair of socks is definitely a keeper! I love those colors. Your Rav bag is so fun and I’d be peeling that sticker too. Your Kindle cover looks so crisp and springy, nice job. Happy Fiber Arts Friday.

  9. As someone who has a really hard time finishing two socks, I think the first pair are just beautiful. Same size, same color, stripes match. Perfect!

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