Finally, Inspiration

Decorating inspiration.

I have been keeping my eyes open for months for colors to use in my bedroom. New hardwood floors are in, the other three bedrooms look lovely with freshly painted walls in great colors, and it is time to get moving on the master. The delay has been lack of inspiration. Usually something – something unrelated – catches my eye and becomes a color scheme, as in this picture:
I carried that little green plate everywhere while planning the kitchen renovation a few  years ago. The kitchen is neither French nor that shade of green, but the soapstone counters, green glass tile, and metal finishes echo the plate. I just liked how the plate looked and felt, and whenever I strayed over to some beautiful Italian marble or a gorgeous red granite, my daughter would wave the plate in my face. It helped.
I don’t have an inspiration piece for the bedroom project, but I have known I wanted light fabrics in some blue/green/grey combination but not “beachy”. I grabbed this little twin quilt at Target one day and found the bright-light green pickstitch quilt at Pottery Barn. 
I think I’m on to something and am looking forward to sitting down later and playing with the swatches and colored pencils. I still have to gather more fabrics for windows, a table cover, pillows, and dust ruffle, but I at least feel I have some direction now. More to come!

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