Forty Napkins

Although I do not quilt I went to a huge quilt show in Lancaster last week with my friend Eleanor, who is a quilter. I can admire the art and the craft, and let’s not forget, fabric is fabric. Notions are notions. Cute bag patterns are cute bag patterns. 

What made me happy was to find a stack of homespun (which means it’s the same on both sides of the fabric, as opposed to being printed on one side and having a shadowy wrong side) in colors that weren’t in dark browns, reds, and blues. I’ve needed to restock our “every day” kitchen napkins and haven’t been able to find any fabric. Until now:

I loved them. They are perfectly casual and a good quality cotton. Notice, before you think I turned and hemmed 40 casual napkins, that they are serged with a rolled hem.

And look how lovely they are with my shiny red dishes…

I did buy two printed fabrics that will make lovely napkins with the dishes as well, but I might have to back them with a solid.

I cut and serged the Forty Napkins in a few hours, any of you who sew know how really easy that project is. I listened to a Trollope novel while I serged what felt like miles of napkin edges, then seam-sealed and trimmed the threads. Voila. Table linens I don’t have to be ashamed of – I have been quite remiss in replacing our existing pile.

There was one vendor with fashion fabrics, all natural fibers, from Italy. To. Die. Boiled wools, linens, amazing shirtings, cashmere, and cashmere vicuna. Cashmere vicuna, which I have never even touched before. At $115 a yard, a bargain compared to pure vicuna, which starts at $1500 a yard. Yes, you read that right. I bought a lovely woven cotton for a skirt. From another vendor I bought a Japanese cotton that I think will make a nice skirt or pair of capris.

I chatted with friendly women throughout the day, Eleanor and I had and enjoyable dinner with two women we met that day, and it was a fun Friday!

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  1. They are gorgeous!

    I have to write up a spec for the bags I want to commission from you. I need some bags! And once you go annanna you never go back. The grocery store tried to sell me one of their bags and I was like NO, don't give me that bag. My groceries are too good for such a bag.

  2. You crack me up – write up your specs!

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