I had this idea….

Although I didn’t spend any time playing in the snow yesterday, beyond just generally enjoying being outside and marveling at how much there was, I had a great time. We certainly all got plenty of exercise and really, it’s rewarding to see such dramatic results from your labor. We shoveled, plowed, found the trash can, excavated the bird bath, made a path to the patio, and dug out three cars. 

Then I had a great idea. Defying frostbite and the doubts of certain family members, I tested out my theory and it worked!  

 First I enlisted my daughter, who is usually willing to go along with things. We used a water bottle to make a hole in the snow. We put a little extra snow in the bottom and packed it down a bit before putting a candle in.

 DD went along making holes and I followed with the candles. It was a cold job. I keep a lot of candles around for power outages and I was thinking that if we lost power, I would feel pretty stupid.

Lighting them a few hours later was tricky and cold, but look!!

I wish I had better photography skills, but you get the idea. There were about 20 candles from the street to the house and they looked beautiful. They burned for 6 hours or so until DD insisted that we blow them out before going to bed. 

It was so fun!

I am definitely doing that again!

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