Got Stale Bread? Panzanella.

Oh yum.

Traditional panzanella is made by moistening stale bread and tossing it with vegetables, usually tomato and cucumber. There are variations, and authentic panzanella – bread salad – is worth making and eating. My usual method, though, is to top chunks of quality stale bread with marinated tomatoes and let the oil and vinegar soak into the bread. Yesterday while rummaging I found a half loaf of ciabatta lunga that was past any recovery, chickpeas, marinated tomatoes, and a charged camera.

Grab a plate, and start adding stuff.

A big handful or two of greens. Baby kale here, because that’s what I hadIMG_0688

Top with chunks of stale bread. Good bread, not sliced white stuff. The crustier the better.IMG_0691

Be generous with the marinated tomatoes.IMG_0695

A half-cup of chickpeas makes this a main dish, vegetarian salad. Freshly ground black pepper tops it off. I had about a tablespoon of grated parm leftover in the fridge so I tossed it on, too. IMG_0698

Now walk away for a few minutes. Trust me. Give the bread a chance to soak up the marinade from the tomatoes. Drizzle a little olive oil on top of the whole thing first if you think it’s warranted. Congratulate yourself on making a filling, heart-healthy, nutritionally sound meal.


2 Responses to Got Stale Bread? Panzanella.

  1. Oh my lord. That looks good.

  2. Yum! and if i used vegan cheese i could eat it too!

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