Rainy Day Notes

1. I love my new rain shawl with a hood. It’s awesome.
2. I hate having dogs who aren’t trustworthy yet, and must be walked outside on a leash in torrential rain in order to pee.
3. Individually.
4. It’s stuffy in the house since I can’t open the windows.
5. I’m really glad the garage is too full to hold my car, between my husband’s never-ending project classic car, assorted bikes, and regular garage stuff; I like getting soaked while carrying groceries into the house.
6. So why am I baking a pie for him?
7. That was sarcasm.
8. It’s a great day to try a recipe from Mr. Wilkinson’s Vegetables, specifically, a greens and ricotta cheese dish.
9. It’s also a great day to knit, which I haven’t done yet. But I will.

I have things to share, really. Food, knitting, and a few good books. On a day when I am dry.

One Response to Rainy Day Notes

  1. I feel you. I work from home but somehow I had to leave the house three separate times today …

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