Roasted Carrots ‘n Walnuts ‘n Friends


Just start right off with that, yes?

I’ve had this recipe from the New  York Times in the back of my mind for a few days, and found myself with a hot oven and a few ideas of my own last night. I had a small bunch of long, thin carrots, a half head of cauliflower, and a fat leek.

When I’m being careful not to go overboard with olive oil, I like to put a bit of it in my hands, rub them together, and pick up handfuls of vegetables to coat the pieces with a thin layer. It works well and uses less oil than tossing the vegetables and oil in a bowl together, but needs a third party to pour more into my hands. A small puddle on the cutting board works just as well.

The carrots, side by side on a large sheet, went into a 450 oven for a ten minute head start while a handful of walnuts toasted in a small cast iron skillet. In that time I coarsely chopped, soaked, and drained the leek and the cauliflower. The carrots were then tossed with thyme, the cauliflower and leeks arranged closely but in a single layer next to the carrots, and everything went back in for another 15 minutes or so; these were skinny carrots.


We drizzled a tiny bit of walnut oil – how delicious – on the carrots before adding the toasted walnuts, and served everything together. I wish there were leftovers for lunch today!

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