Spring Knitting

Winter knitting has come to a screeching halt.

They are lovely projects: a swingy vest, a geometric wrap, a hat I’m making up as I go, and a nearly-finished pair of socks. I decided, quite suddenly, to start knitting for spring and summer instead. I’m not good at that, knitting – or sewing – ahead of the season, so I’m rather pleased with myself for switching gears, but I’m not delusional. I know it’s all about casting on more projects.

“I’ll just browse around on Ravelry for a few minutes and see what’s what.” 

I know, right? Hours later and your winter projects are a memory, whatever you can use from stash has been measured out, pdfs have been downloaded, printed, and pulled into an app on your tablet, and you are ordering Katydid cotton ribbon from one yarn shop and Hempathy from another because hey, you gotta spread the love.

Here’s my plan:IMG_0241

A Vodka Lemonade cardigan in Longmeadow, a cotton-microfiber yarn, from my stash. It’s been there for years, bought for a sweater I started and didn’t care for, and there should be enough. Especially after I frog the unfinished pieces in the picture.

I love this Vesper pattern and have wanted to make it for a while.  A quick run to The Yarn Gallery in West Reading and I filled my sack with Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy.  This brown, with a natural trim at the hemlines, will be gorgeous. photoMore than 400 stitches cast on and some short rows later, I am trying to work quickly through to the arm divisions so it is ready for my next knitting night with friends, when it will just be miles of knitting in the round.

This Katydid It Pullover  is made from, well, Katydid, a cotton ribbon I used to make a baby gift recently. I liked it so much I wanted to use it for me me me. It’s perfect for a loose, open top for the beach. An order has been placed in a teal-ish shade from Kitschy Stitch in Rehoboth; I’ll pick it up next time I’m there. Someone on Ravelry made this without the sleeves, just letting the shoulders drop off, and I may do that, too.

Another bandana cowlTwice Tweed from Purl Soho, this time in Twice Tweed, (again Elsebeth Lavold, but I think it’s just been discontinued) a recycled blend that feels more like cotton but has a bit of wool. I think it will be great for spring biking, skiing, and dog walking. This is a fast project, and I’m going to hurry up and get this one done because Spring might be ready to spring. Maybe.

My plan has integrated time management, by the way. Vesper is a mind number, so it’s for knitting group and movie watching with my husband. The Vodka Lemonade needs slightly more attention so I’ll keep it for time by myself listening to an audio or just focusing on my thoughts. The bandanna is small and will be going on car rides and in my purse, and the pullover will be a fast project.

Now that I have publicly committed to these pieces, I’d best get to work.



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