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Carcassonne: Stored!

Carcassone? Love.

Carcassonne cardboard boxes? Even with illustrations of dragons and villagers and towers? Not so much.

Wooden boxes? Antique wooden boxes? Love more.

We, as in the family we, have been playing Carcassonne for a decade or more, since we picked it up because the box looked kind of cool (ironic, I know) at a game store in Newport, Rhode Island. Instantly hooked, the game has grown to several expansions and while that’s awesome, there is this tower of boxes involved every time we want to play.

Let’s stop here for an aside about Carcassonne. LOVE this game. If you already play and have an iPad, the Carcassonne app is exceptionally good, allowing for networked multiplayer games, solitaire, scoring, and table play. It’s very well done. Someone has an Android version but I can’t speak to it. If you don’t know Carcassonne, find someone who has it and check it out!

About 25 years ago, at a neighborhood garage sale, I bought this beautiful, damaged, missing-pieces, artist’s paint box. It was made by Winsor & Newton, sold by a supplier in Philadelphia (long gone) and I’m working on dating it. It has a lovely locking hinge, slots, pieces that must have held palettes or created an easel, and lots of moving parts that I can’t figure out. It’s pretty beat, but I like it, and it’s been sitting nicely in a stack of other wooden boxes, moved from house to house. Until I had the brainstorm.

How about that! Carcassonne, neatly stored! One favorite thing meets another favorite thing! It’s perfect! I’m such a nerd!

This makes me so happy.