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Beware the Ruffle

Last summer, on an extended vacation in the mountains of Colorado, I started a shawl. I didn’t want anything heavy or complicated, or even a pattern to tote around. A gift certificate for Elisabeth Drumm’s beautiful color changing yarn was burning a hole in my knitting bag, so I ordered a few skeins in shades of green, packed a long circular, and planned to complete the whole shawl during the month-long vacation, and the additional week of motel evenings during drive time.

Stop laughing.

I cast on about 300 stitches started knitting. Yarnover here, double wrapped loops there, knit a few rows, whatever. No fancy stitches, nothing to think about, no gauge. Indeed, the length of it will be a surprise. It’ll be fine. I’m looking forward to washing and blocking to straighten out the stitches.

The shawl was pushed aside over the winter in favor of woolly projects, and I grabbed it out of a basket a few nights ago and decided it only needed a few more rows and the width would be just right; a wrap for chilly movie theaters and summer nights. Knit a few rows, bind off, give it a wash, and go.

So easy.

Bind off.



But I decided to add a ruffle. Just a simple one, but perhaps something relatively deep. Couldn’t leave well enough alone. I knit a row of yarnovers between each stitch and now have, of course 600 stitches.

It takes a long time to knit 600 stitches.



I’ll get back to you.