UFOs, Bins, and Plans

After collecting, untangling, (and let’s not downplay the “untangling” part of the job) and sorting the yarn with its mates, my kitchen table looked like a sale display in a shop. A shop that has a really cute table in the middle of the floor.

(By the way, take a look at the pretty bag hanging from the chair. I just made that for a sale next month and love the way it turned out.)

I had to add this picture of the opposite view. I’m hoping it will serve as a visual reminder when I’m planning projects!

I found several UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in various stages of completion that had been abandoned for whatever reason. I ripped out a few of them that were just tragic ideas right from the start and salvaged the yarn, but packed these into a box for another day:

Crazy. Some of these are just minutes away from completion. Not that yoga bag, though. It’s been around for years; it needs to be HUGE in order to felt to the size needed.

In a move that clearly proves I had no idea how much yarn I was facing, I had a stack of six plastic bins ready to be filled. Six. Not giant ones, but boot-sized ones. My son, realizing he’d never have a meal on that table if he didn’t take action, went out and bought six more.

The filling part was fun, grouping things like wools, alpacas, cottons, sock yarns, and felting wools together. I like how this box looks, because I love what’s in it:

Clockwise from the top, I plan to make a vest with the two big skeins of merino, a hat for DS2 with the multicolored Noro, a scarf that is trying to design itself in my mind with the three wool lace colors, and then! See that color changing cotton? A present from my fantastic future daughter-in-law (who also knits) and son, it will be a shawl of some sort. (Check out the coloring changing cotton at Wolle’s on Etsy. I’ve seen several items made with it and it’s gorgeous.)

See. I have a plan.

4 Responses to UFOs, Bins, and Plans

  1. I just bought another CCC skein for a shawl for a mystery knit … I am a sucker for mystery knits. But, come on! Blue olives! Hard to say no, right?

    I reorganized my (in comparison, downright pitiful) stash the other day, your timing couldn't be any more perfect. I went by color, because my yarn has to be out in the open (no room anywhere else!). I will send you a picture later.

  2. Can't wait to see color-arranged yarn!

  3. Anna, you have quite a bit of yarn there! I knew you were talented, but I didn't realize you were such a serious knitter/crafter. Wonderful!

    I need to do the same thing with rubber stamps and stamping supplies — search them out from the nooks and crannies and get them organized. — I should live so long!

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