We Need More Needles?*

Once upon a time I ran around the house and gathered all the yarn, had a serious talk with it, and since then it has mostly stayed in its place. Mostly. That was then, here. 

I have turned my attention to the “other” knitting things. You know. These guys:

Cute sculpture, empty Knit Picks cases, filled containers.

One pocket of one bag among many.

One of several, albeit organized and sorted, vases and containers of straights and dpns.

Basket of shame.

Tiny cabinet stuffed with stuff.

Enough? Familiar? It’s done! Wait until you see my collection neatly organized!

*This is what my husband said to me once when I told him I had to stop at the yarn shop on our way out for, of course, the right size needle. I love him, but he is not of my tribe. 

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  1. Only one basket of shame? I have two whole rooms.

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